Sip and Savor: A Perfect Day Out

What is the perfect day out for you? For us, it’s a wine tasting with our favorite food to pair. Here at Wise Villa Winery, we’ve made our dreams a reality by opening a gourmet restaurant so that we can make the kind of food we love to eat with our world-class wines.

We’re proud to be among the many restaurants in Lincoln that are driven by equal parts technique and passion. Ours is a Tuscan-style bistro with chef-prepared gourmet plates, set to a background of rolling vineyards and award-winning wines.

Food is essential to your wine tasting

Wine is a fascinating beverage, and if you dig into the science behind tasting, you’ll find that when you bring food to the table, everything changes.

The flavors and textures of food brings out different qualities in the wine. For example, heat brings out the sweet fruit in a wine. A creamy cheese or white sauce will soften the acidity in your wine, and in turn, a high acid wine is the perfect accent for your favorite spreadable cheese.

Sometimes the compounds in your wine can change the food as you chew. The tannins of a bold red like Cabernet Sauvignon can soften the compounds in dark meat, and cause it to release more flavor.

How to have it all, and have fun

It can be really fun to taste a wine before you eat, and then see how things change once you start eating. At our gourmet bistro, our dishes are made to pair perfectly with our wines.

Every winery is an exciting opportunity to gain intimate knowledge of the land and the people who tend it. At Wise Villa Winery, we invite you to sit at our table and taste our unique expression of Placer County wines.

One of the best restaurants in Lincoln

Of all the restaurants in Lincoln, we’re the only one attached to a winery, both physically and at heart.

It’s not only convenient to have a restaurant and a winery located in one place, it’s a unique experience to discover the story told in collaboration by our chef and winemaker. Food and wine are destined for each other, and that’s why we’re bringing them as close as can be. The result is an unforgettable culinary experience for you and your guests.

We can’t wait to have you at our table.

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