Savoring Scenic Delights: Wise Villa Winery and its Vineyard Views in Lincoln

The best thing about visiting a vineyard is the experience of sipping as you gaze out over the landscape. At Wise Villa Winery, we take our visual feast very seriously, and we invite you to come fall in love with the breathtaking views that transport you to the Tuscan countryside. We even have a seat for you on the patio of our European-inspired bistro—we’re the only restaurant in Lincoln with wine made on-site.

Panoramic perspectives

The best views are the ones that take your breath away, making you forget your phone and beckoning you to enjoy the present moment. Our panoramic views do just that, and there are several locations throughout the vineyard where you can take in the expansive vistas of our vineyards.

We encourage our guests to walk, sit, dine, whatever makes them happiest!

A tranquil retreat

Nature’s beauty has a restorative effect on us. Being near water, listening to the sound of birds, and even just being outside have a regulating effect on our systems. We know this well, but we’d add just one thing to that list to make it perfect: a glass of wine in your hand. And even better, a gourmet plate of food to nourish your soul, mind, and body at the same time.

Our charming bistro offers an outdoor patio where you can take in the rolling hills of the Sacramento Valley. Or take a tour of our vineyards to immerse yourself in the landscape and get a sense of nature from every vantage point.

Seasonal splendor

Each season has something uniquely beautiful to offer our vineyard. As the seasons change, our guests enjoy an ever-evolving backdrop to our award-winning wines.

In the winter, a quiet peace falls over the landscape as the grapevines go dormant, animals conserve resources, and the cold drives people inside. This is the perfect time for stillness, contemplation, and deepening your knowledge of the art of wine tasting.

In the spring, life begins again. After a cold, bare winter, you’ll witness the color return to the face of our vineyards in real time. In the summer, the grapes develop even more color, adding another dimension of life to the vineyard, and building excitement for harvest. Then in the fall, the leaves turn a golden hue, offering one last encore before the quiet of winter returns again. This is a perfect time for reflection.

Dine among the vines at our restaurant in Lincoln

Our Tuscan-style bistro is the perfect place to sit with the people you love and take in nature’s beauty while you feast on chef-prepared gourmet dishes. The picturesque backdrop tells an ever-changing story of how the wine got to your glass—it’s an incredibly poetic way to enjoy a bottle of wine. We can’t think of a better way to spend our evening!

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